7 Reasons a Night Guard Is Life-Changing

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Sleep bruxism is a problem. While some people suffer from teeth grinding and clenching because of temporary or chronic stress, others have this problem because of jaw misalignment. No matter what the cause, the solution is a customized night guard that prevents your top and bottom teeth from destroying each other while you sleep.

How a Night Guard for Sleep Bruxism Works

Unconscious teeth grinding is a common and easily treatable problem – but you must take the first step to see your Bethesda dentist about getting this issue corrected. It’s possible to stop morning headaches, sore teeth, jaw pain, a popping jaw, and ongoing pain and dental problems with a personalized night guard. This comfortable appliance is made of thick plastic and worn on the top jaw for the entire night, so while you might still grind your teeth, they will not press into each other or deliver unwanted side effects.

7 Problems Stopped by a Night Guard

  1. Damaged dental work: Depending on the amount of force your teeth exert on each while you grind them, you could easily damage dental work with one bite, while restorations or cosmetic dentistry could deteriorate over time.
  2. Gum recession: When your teeth press against each other over and over, this causes the gum tissue to pull away from the teeth and expose the deeper layers of the teeth.
  3. Worn tooth enamel: Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body but, when pitted against itself, there is no winning the battle. Eventually, sleep bruxism will cause enamel to wear down and make you susceptible to bacteria and infection.
  4. Headaches: Waking with a headache isn’t always a sign that you need caffeine. Your jaw and neck and head are interconnected and headaches from teeth grinding is common.
  5. Jaw pain: There is all kinds of jaw pain that can be experienced with nighttime teeth grinding. Whether your jaw joints pop and crack when you bite or speak, or whether you have tenderness when chewing, pain will make itself known throughout every day.
  6. Broken teeth: Broken and cracked teeth, with or without existing dental work, are a common side effect of sleep bruxism. You can lose a filling, chip a crown, or dislodge a veneer because of aggressive teeth grinding.
  7. Sleep loss: People underestimate just how much sleep bruxism negatively impacts their quality of sleep. If you suffer from daytime fatigue or feel baffled about being tired when you’re sure you slept the night before, teeth grinding could be the problem.

Get a Night Guard from Your Bethesda Dentist

It’s important to see your Bethesda dentist about teeth grinding to determine the cause of this problem and accurate diagnosis and treatment. Some procedures may stop the problem and eliminate the need for permanent night guard use, especially if you have misalignment, TMJ issues, or missing teeth and get these issues corrected.

Ultimately, any type of sleep bruxism can lead to deteriorating oral health – quickly. A night guard is the easy and smart solution that stops new problems from developing and existing issues from worsening while providing immediate relief. Schedule a consultation with Bethesda Family Dentistry today.

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