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I’ve had a lot of good dentists, but Debbie Tabb is my first great one. First, she has a fine touch with the needle. Second, she never wants anything to hurt, so another shot is always available without argument. Third, she has a great sense of appearance. She actually made me look better! Fourth, she is personable and easy to be around. I’m very happy with my decision to change to her as my dentist.

Deborah Tabb has been my dentist for six years following decades of dental neglect. She gave me a plan for repairing my teeth and has treated me with care and respect. She deals effectively with my fears and is careful to avoid pain. On top of that, her services are affordable. You can depend on Dr. Tabb.

Dr. Ivelisse Cuevas, D.D.S. has consistently provided me with quality, prompt, and professional care. Despite my lingering childhood fear of the dentist (many cavities growing up!), she has made me feel comfortable during all of my procedures with her. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Cuevas at Bethesda Family Dentistry has exceeded all my expectations.

– Anonymous

I have known Dr. Tabb now for 10 years. She has provided wonderful dental care for me and my family. She is highly knowledgeable, has great skills, and gentle hands! She is the best in the area and I would highly recommend her for all of the excellent comprehensive dental work she has done in my mouth. She has always been straight up with me about what I need and how to maintain a beautiful and healthy smile! I highly recommend her… and her staff is just as wonderful!

Debbie Tabb is my first great dentist. She has a great sense of what will look good and actually gave me a realistic-looking smile — none of that fake over-white stuff. She has a great personality, too, which helps if you are, like me, a bit apprehensive about going to the dentist. I highly recommend her.

“One more session with Jenna and I’ll be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. She, like all your staff, are superb.”

– Jonathan

“Dr. Curvas is the best dentist I have every had. The office staff is wonderful. I love the new office.”


“The team at Bethesda Family Dentistry were very helpful and gracious on my first visit. I’m hoping to keep them as my primary dentistry in the future. Dr. Cuevas seems to be personable and approachable. Thank you.”

– Anonymous

I have been going to Dr. Tabb for 20 years with my four children and my husband. I like the evening and Saturday hours because my child care Robin’s Nest’s is closed then. She has first class prices because she is a first class dentist and a nice lady. She does let adults know about dental products and options of care. There is something called TJI or something like that, it was more painful than giving birth to 4 children without drugs. Dr. Tabb had recommended a mouth guard but I didn’t do it. Thinking it was an ear problem, my doctor recommended that I talk to a good dentist. I wish I had gotten it when Dr. Tabb suggested it.

Dr. Tabb has been my dentist since we moved to Bethesda. I had many cavities as a child/teen and over the years have had a number of crowns done by Dr. Tabb. Amazed, but I still have all my own teeth–no implants needed, I think all due to Dr. Tabb’s diligence. Had the Invisaline treatment to straighten my front teeth, which overlapped. Very happy with the results–both cosmetically, and for the ease of cleaning. My appointments always start on time, and I always feel totally confident (and as relaxed as you can be at the dentist) when I’m in the chair. Can’t imagine going anywhere else.

LOVE LOVE LOVE Dr. Cuevas. Will follow her anywhere. The office is beautiful and the rest of the staff is very nice and knowledgeable.

-Sw F.

5 stars is for Dr. Cuevas. When I started going here about two years ago, I saw Dr. Tabb. I started to get offended when she tried to push Invisalign on me every single visit along with whitening, sealing, etc. I felt like my oral health came second to her sales attempts. I was going to switch practices altogether, but thought I would ask to see a different dentist first. I have seen Dr. Cuevas twice now and like her gentle and professional manner. I can tell that she is concerned about my teeth and has never tried to sell me something I don’t need. If you do plan on going here, I strongly recommend you see her!

-Julia V.

I take my entire family to Dr. Tabb and have had great experiences for the past two years. I’ve been fortunate to only need minor dental work (cleanings and cavities) and I’ve been impressed with her professionalism and advice.

When I got to the office, every single person in the office made me feel great. I actually dislike dentists but Dr. Tammira Badakhshan made me want to come back to her. Very friendly staff and extremely professional. It was a very pleasant and detailed experience I would definitely recommend this office.


“Dr Cuevas is an excellent dentist, and her hygienists are wonderful as well.”

– Ann

“I love my Bethesda Dentistry and Dr. Cuevas despite having a major phobia about dentists since childhood. They are highly skilled, compassionate, and really care about my dental health.”


“Great Team! Thank you Dr. Lee!”


“Even though I miss on my homework Dr. Cuevas always puts me back on track with her comforting touch. Hygienists are always sharp and informative.”


Friendly as always! Vicky was great! As enjoyable as a visit to the dentist can be! =)

Dr. Cuevas makes going to the dentist a pleasure, and I know most people don’t feel that way about the dentist! I highly recommend her. The office staff are equally friendly and competent. I couldn’t be more pleased with Bethesda Family Dentistry.

– Anonymous

I have been going to Dr Tabb for 6 years now. She has taken care of me and my family. She has been very gentle and has helped me gain the confidence I need when I smile for my job. I trust her completely with my family. I am so happy I have found someone I can trust. The front desk is on top of everything I need to know about my insurance. I am so impressed with the whole office staff. Words cannot explain how I feel, please go and try for yourself so you can keep smiling!

Wow! What a great experience. I was so worried because I haven’t been to the dentist in years. I’m so glad I went to Bethesda Family Dentistry, it was amazing. Please go see for yourself!

Dr. Tabb and her staff are dedicated to assuring that her patients have the best quality care possible. Before I went to see her, my high priced dentist would not be pro-active in identifying issues. So I ended up with big bills and lots of office visits to fix problems that might have been caught and corrected earlier. On my first visit with Dr. Tabb, she did a comprehensive assessment of my needs and worked out a plan that would help me to get back on track. Every visit, she is looking for ways to stop problems before they happen.

“Great office – newest equipment and spacious exam rooms. On time with appointment, reviewed previous visit information and completed needs in good time. Dr. Cuevas’ soft approach is very soothing. She is knowledgeable and current with latest procedures with a focus on what is best for you. The staff are friendly and eager to make your experience worthwhile and positive.”


“Excellent check-in procedures, up to date technology, fantastic experience with Dr. Badakhshan, who is so knowledgeable and personable. Her professionalism and warm demeanor made my children feel very comfortable.”


“Excellent from registration to Dr. Badakhshan. The most thorough and efficient dental appointment I have ever had.”

– James

I’ve been seeing Dr Cuevas for many years. I’m not that comfortable with dental procedures, but she is always kind and patient. She has seen both my husband and I through many procedures, and j would highly recommend her. I especially like the new office in North Bethesda.

– Anonymous

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