Tooth Extraction

At Bethesda Family Dental in Bethesda, MD, we do everything possible to save a damaged or infected tooth, but preserving oral health is always the priority. When a severely compromised tooth cannot be corrected with any form of restorative dentistry, tooth extraction is necessary to save the rest of your teeth. Our dental team is prepared to provide the most appropriate emergency dental care and do everything possible to preserve your natural teeth.

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Reasons a Tooth Extraction Might Be Necessary

Problem teeth can be corrected by multiple dental restorations, including root canal therapy, tooth-colored fillings, inlays or onlays, and porcelain crowns. However, there are some cases when a tooth and its structure is so badly compromised that it cannot be corrected well enough to stop the problem and protect the rest of your teeth. In situations like this, a tooth extraction is often the only choice, and the smartest.

Tooth extraction is not a lengthy process and it offers immediate relief for a tooth that is causing serious pain or discomfort. If you suffer from any of the following, your emergency dentist may recommend extraction:

  • Deep tooth infection
  • Severe tooth decay
  • Dental abscess
  • Cracked tooth
  • Advanced gum disease
  • Broken tooth root
  • Bone fracture
  • Impacted wisdom tooth

What to Expect During Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is a meticulous step-by-step process that involves the careful removal of the entire tooth above and below the gumline. Though teeth that need to be extracted have been compromised in some way, they aren’t necessarily weak and still have a well-established root system.

  • Preparation: Numbing agent is applied and, for patients who prefer it, sedation dentistry.
  • Removal: The tooth is moved around in its socket until it separates from the ligament. The tooth is often sectioned and removed in pieces. Some pressure may be felt during removal.
  • Cleaning: The socket is carefully cleaned to ensure that all tooth particles and infected tissue are eliminated.
  • Healing: Once the tooth is extracted, it is closed and prepped so it’s ready for a future dental restoration after healing.
What to Expect During Tooth Extraction - Bethesda Family Dentistry
Dental Restorations After Tooth Extraction - Bethesda Family Dentistry

Dental Restorations After Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is always a last resort, but it is also a routine dental procedure that eliminates a problematic tooth before it interferes with the rest of your oral health. In other words, you’re not alone if you need to have a tooth removed – and there are plenty of options to replace that extracted tooth once the area has healed. To avoid bite collapse and structural changes, your dentist will recommend a solution such as:

  • Dental implant: This permanent restoration replaces both tooth root and crown for a solid, strong repair that both looks and feels like a natural tooth. The root is implanted into the jawbone and eventually the abutment is topped with a customized crown to complete your smile.
  • Dental bridge: One or two missing teeth can be replaced with a dental bridge, composed of metal clasps that connect to the teeth on either side of the space in your smile and topped with a customized crown to fill the area of the missing tooth.
  • Dentures: If you need multiple teeth extracted because of damage or gum disease, they can be replaced with a partial denture. This appliance can be removable or combined with dental implants for a permanent solution that does not cover the roof of the mouth or require adhesives.

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You don’t have to be afraid of a tooth extraction. This procedure is important to help maintain good oral health and the lost tooth can eventually be replaced for a strong, healthy smile. If you have tooth pain or damage, contact Bethesda Family Dental for emergency dental care.


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