5 Ways Cosmetic Dentistry Can Improve Your Life

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Recently, cosmetic dentistry has been growing in popularity. One reason for this growth can be attributed to the dramatic changes that cosmetic dentistry can cause long after leaving the dentist’s office.

The most noticeable change of cosmetic dentistry is, of course, the aesthetics of an individual’s smile. However, the changes do not end there. Many people who have undergone cosmetic dental treatments report positive changes in other areas of their lives. This positive impact that cosmetic dentistry has on people is a contributing factor to the popularity of cosmetic dental treatments.

If you are thinking about cosmetic dental services, you may be wondering how your life will be improved by cosmetic dentistry. To answer that, here are five ways that cosmetic dentistry can improve your life:

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#1: You Will Smile More

Most people who feel self-conscious about their smiles avoid smiling, while people who like their smiles will smile more often. By improving the look of your smile, cosmetic dentistry decreases the past anxiety of smiling in public and makes smiling enjoyable again. Many studies have found the people who smile more report higher levels of happiness and longer lifespans.

#2: Boosts Your Self-Esteem

This is huge for many people who have suffered with damaged, decayed, or missing teeth. Unfortunately, there are many negative stereotypes associated with poor dental health and people may react negatively to a damaged smile. These negative reactions can cause people to refrain from smiling and to feel anxious or ashamed about their smiles. In restoring the visual aesthetics of your smile, cosmetic dentistry can boost your self-esteem and make you feel better about your visual appearance.

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#3: Improved Social Life

As a result of smiling more and higher self-esteem, many people report improvements in their social life. This is most likely because people who smile more are seen as genuine, friendly, and approachable. Additionally, increased self-esteem results in an increase in confidence, which can be beneficial in social situations. Some studies have even found that a great smile can influence employers to hire or promote you. This is because having a great smile makes you come off as both self-assured and friendly. Having a great smile is especially important in careers where personal image is important for success.

#4: Catalyzes Self-Improvement

After receiving a new smile with cosmetic dentistry, some people feel like they are an entirely new person. As a result, they are more likely to make other dramatic changes in their life. Cosmetic dentists notice that patients who have undergone cosmetic dental treatments often come back to their office with new clothes, new haircuts, and even a new job or relationship. In this way, having a dentist recreate your smile can act as a catalyst for you to recreate your life.

#5: Better Health

Finally, cosmetic dental treatments can also improve your oral and overall health. For starters, teeth that have undergone cosmetic dental treatment are healthier and you are more likely to practice good oral hygiene after treatment. Since oral and overall health are closely related, good dental health will lead to improved overall health. As a final note, smiling often has also been proven to improve your immune system, making you more resistant to illness. For more information about smiling and your health, see “How Smiling Affects Your Health”.

As you can see, cosmetic dentistry can improve your life in many impactful ways. Beyond simply improving the visual aesthetics of your smile, cosmetic dental treatments can improve various areas of your life. With cosmetic dentistry, the positive effects will last long after you leave the dentist’s office.

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