What Is A Periodontal Cleaning?

Dental Cleaning In Process

When you see your dentist for your twice-yearly visit, professional cleaning is a traditional part of that visit. This is usually enough to protect the dental health of most patients, but in some cases, it may become necessary to perform a more thorough dental cleaning. That’s where a periodontal cleaning comes in. Periodontal cleanings are typically done when a patient hasn’t had a professional cleaning done in a while, and poor hygiene or other conditions have led to advanced dental concerns.

Why Are Periodontal Cleanings Necessary?

This form of treatment, also known as prophylactic cleaning, is done to help stop gum disease in its tracks while deep cleaning your teeth and gum line. When you have a periodontal cleaning done, you can experience the following benefits:

  • Aesthetics –Your teeth will be brighter and whiter by being free of plaque and tartar deposits. Deeper stains may remain, but your teeth will be visibly cleaner.

  • Tartar Removal –When plaque hardens on your teeth, it can be difficult to remove with a toothbrush. When it occurs beneath your gum line, difficult can become impossible. During a periodontal cleaning, you’ll have tartar, also known as calculus, removed both on your teeth and below the gum line.

  • Fresher Breath –The removal of plaque, tartar, and debris does more than making your teeth look great; it also helps to ease halitosis. The removal of odor from gum infection goes a long way as well!

In addition to this, all periodontal cleanings come with a root planing, during which your dentist will polish your teeth and tooth roots to help deprive bacteria of rough surfaces on which to grow. All of these benefits spell better dental health and cleaner teeth for you.

What Happens During A Periodontal Cleaning?

There are several steps to a standard periodontal cleaning. The first is the supragingival cleaning, where the tooth above the gum line is cleaned with scaling tools. Subgingival cleaning follows, during which plaque and tartar are cleaned from below the gumline. Root planing smooths out the tooth. Once all this is complete, you may receive medication to help combat any remaining periodontal disease. You’ll be called back to receive an x-ray and exam to confirm that your dental health is improving. As part of an ongoing battle against periodontal disease, you may be called back in to have another periodontal cleaning within 3-4 months.

If you think a periodontal cleaning may be beneficial or want to learn more, contact Dr. Bob Dokchanchi today! Along with his team of dental experts at Fox Valley Dental, they work with the Aurora, IL community to help provide exceptional dental care and battle periodontal disease. Don’t wait for periodontal disease to become a problem; call for an appointment today. During your appointment, you’ll receive a full exam and receive a consultation on the best next steps to take to improve the health of your mouth. Start your road to great dental health by reaching out to our friendly staff for an appointment today!

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