The Connection Between Diabetes and Dental Health

The Connection Between Diabetes and Dental Health

Diabetes is one of a number of health conditions that can make maintaining good oral health more difficult. Both Types I and II diabetes have been shown to increase the risk of gum disease, tooth decay, and fungal infections in the mouth. Patients with diabetes can benefit from being proactive about their oral health by carefully controlling the level of glucose in their systems and being diligent about oral hygiene. Additional visits are also sometimes suggested for these patients to ensure that a close eye is kept on any developing oral health issues they may have.

The Effects of Diabetes On Oral Health

One of the primary effects of diabetes is reducing the bodies ability to fight infection by suppressing the immune system. As a result patients with diabetes can have a harder time fighting off fungal and bacterial infections in the mouth. Thrush is one common ailment that diabetes patients suffer, as well as patients suffering from other medical conditions. In addition diabetics typically produce less saliva than those with normal insulin control levels, which can also accelerate tooth decay due to dry mouth caused by the reduction of disease fighting saliva in patients mouth.

How To Protect Your Diabetic Family Members Oral Health

If you have family members who live a life with diabetes then there are steps you can take to help protect their oral health. Unsurprisingly this begins with proper oral hygiene and regular visits to your dental professional in combination with a dedicated diet that’s low in sugar. When glucose levels are poorly controlled the complications from diabetes become more pronounced, making gum disease and other oral complications that result from them more common. Oral hygiene requires even more focus than it does in people without diabetes, so maintaining a dedicated routine of flossing and brushing is essential, and extra care must be paid to the tongue and gum-line.

Maintain Your Regular Dental Visits

All dental patients should maintain regular visits with their dentist and hygienist, but those with diabetes must be especially diligent about it. These visits help keep an eye on their developing oral health and can catch concerns before they spiral into something serious. Be sure that your dentist is aware of family members who have diabetes and that they’ll require additional care to help preserve their dental health.

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