Dental Care During Your Pregnancy

Pregnant Woman Brushing Teeth

You’ve discovered you’re pregnant, and your family is going to grow! Let us be the first to congratulate you on this exciting time. We’re certain you have some questions about your dental health and what you can do to keep your smile looking great throughout your pregnancy. We’ll be happy to answer those, as well as quell your concerns about what’s going to be safe for you and your new baby during this joyful time. Dental care is generally safe when you’re pregnant. There are only a few precautions that you need to take.

Tell Your Dentist You’re Pregnant

This one is probably obvious, but the first thing you’re going to want to do is to inform your dentist that you have become pregnant. This is the first step in the corroboration between you and your practitioner that will happen during the rest of your pregnancy. When you inform them be sure to tell them what medications you’ve been put on and what stage of your pregnancy you’re in. If your pregnancy is high-risk, you should make sure that they’re aware of this as it will affect how they can help you.

What Happens To My Oral Health During Pregnancy?

The changes that happen during pregnancy can have far-reaching implications for your oral health. During your pregnancy, regular check-ups are going to be even more essential than usual, as is maintaining a regular dental hygiene regimen.

  • Gingivitis And Pregnancy: The hormonal changes that occur as you go through your pregnancy can affect your oral health. One instance of this is “pregnancy gingivitis,” a condition where your gums become tender and inflamed. Without proper care, there’s a risk this can become more severe.
  • Pregnancy Tumors: During your second trimester, there is a possibility you’ll experience the growth of “pregnancy tumors.” These aren’t cancerous but are the result of swelling that occurs between the gums. They are thought to be associated with excess plaque and have a raspberry-red like appearance. They often go away after the birth of your baby.

Is it Safe To Get Dental X-Rays When Pregnant?

Dental x-rays are perfectly safe to get during your pregnancy. The radiation from the x-rays, especially digital x-rays, is extremely low. You’ll wear a special leaded gown that also covers your abdomen just to be doubly sure, as well as one over your throat for thyroid protection. Even without these extra precautions, your baby is at no significant risk from the x-rays, but an excess of caution never hurts.

If you’ve become pregnant or are considering getting pregnant and want to know what you can do to prepare your oral health for the coming months, give us a call. Dr. Deborah Tabb has been providing comprehensive dental care for patients at every stage of life from their office in Bethesda, RI, and is welcoming new patients to her dental family. We look forward to receiving you at Bethesda Family Dentistry and helping you and your baby experience a healthy, happy pregnancy without concerns over oral health. Call today to schedule your appointment!

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