The Importance Of Replacing Lost Teeth

The Importance Of Replacing Lost Teeth

When we lose a tooth our first thought isn’t always about the condition or welfare of our remaining teeth. Instead, we concern ourselves with our altered appearance, and how we’re going to hide the fact that our smile isn’t as complete as it once was. While these are natural things to worry about, it’s important to understand that the health of our teeth isn’t determined on a one by one basis. The loss of a tooth has ramifications for all the other teeth in the mouth, and ultimately it can begin to affect our health and diet as well.

Your Teeth All Compliment Each Other To Maintain Oral Health

Every single one of your 32 teeth play an important role in maintaining the health and lifetime of your other teeth. All of them perform their own tasks in processing food, and when one of them is missing the extra work gets passed on to the remaining teeth. Additionally the stresses get spread out, potentially leading to misalignment and the need for orthodontic work to repair them. The life of your teeth and the condition of your smile are dependent on every one of your teeth remaining healthy.

Replacing Your Missing Teeth Is Important

Dental medicine is advancing at an incredible pace thanks to research and development on the part of dedicated scientists. While the ability to regrow a tooth from natural sources is under development and may be a reality in the near future, it isn’t quite here yet. Instead we have some great restorative and replacement options like dental implants, dentures, and crowns.These options are great solutions for missing teeth, and can go a long way to retaining the health of your teeth for years to come by reinforcing your remaining teeth and restoring your bite.

Which Option For Replacement Should I Use?

The road to discovering which replacement option will best suit your particular oral health condition starts with a phone call to your dentist. Your dentist knows your dental health better than anyone, and is the one in the best position to help you make this decision. While dental implants are a great option for those who are in a position to get them, dentures are a choice that’s available to nearly anyone. Missing teeth can continue to damage your smile if a replacement option isn’t selected to reinforce them, so make sure to talk to them soon.

If you don’t currently have a dentist or are new to the Bethesda, RI area it’s time to pick up the phone and make a call to Dr. Deborah Tabb at Bethesda Family Dentistry. She’s been working with families to help protect their dental health starting at birth and continuing through to the years when dentures and other replacement options become necessary. Don’t let missing teeth contribute to the degradation of your smile, contact your dentist today to find out what options will be right for you.

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