Cosmetic Dentistry: More Than vanity, It’s About Continuing Dental Health

Cosmetic Dentistry: More Than vanity, It's About Continuing Dental Health

You’ve finally decided it’s time to give your smile a boost, and you’re considering the variety of cosmetic treatments available out there. Good for you! A great smile is essential for your confidence, self-esteem, and can help you improve your career opportunities as well. Whether you’re getting cosmetic dentistry for your vanity (there’s nothing wrong with a little vanity) or are looking to improve your competitive edge in the workforce, you should consider one of these four incredible popular treatment options!

But First – Why Cosmetic Dentistry Isn’t Just Vanity
Depending on the exact nature of your dental health concerns cosmetic dentistry can do a lot more than making your smile shine. If you’re missing teeth, you’ll find that those areas missing teeth will experience a degradation of the jaw itself. Diet can be impacted as those with poor teeth start to choose easier, and often less healthy, foods to indulge in. A winning smile has also been shown to increase self-esteem, which can boost feelings of depression, improve your relationships with people, and give you that edge you need in the workplace. Restored teeth will also help reduce wear and tear on neighboring teeth, meaning that cosmetic dentistry may make you look good, but its uses certainly don’t stop there!

Now, On To The Main Attraction – Cosmetic Treatments

• Braces/Invisalign – The need for cosmetic dentistry starts early in some, especially those who are born with uneven or crooked teeth. Treatments that help realign your teeth, like braces or Invisalign, are often a lifetime commitment if you want to ensure your teeth stay where they belong. They help to improve oral health, straighten out your smile, and make sure there’s room for teeth to grow in.
• Veneers – If you have chipped, damaged, or misaligned teeth veneers may work for you. Veneers are essentially a porcelain coating that is fused to your teeth through a special procedure. During this procedure, a thin layer of enamel is removed, and an adhesive added which the veneers are attached to.
• Whitening Procedures – While whitening agents are available over the counter they merely lack the ‘oomph’ you can get from a professionally done whitening. Further, OTC agents aren’t able to whiten teeth that have experienced internal decay, something which a professional treatment can do under the right circumstances.
• Dental Implants – If you’re missing one tooth or everyone in your mouth then dental implants can help you. These implants involve putting titanium screws into the jaw with mounting plates that crowns and bridges can be affixed to, or a complete set of replacement prosthetic teeth. Easily the most natural looking solution to missing teeth dental implants tends to be pricey.

If you’re considering getting cosmetic dentistry done, you should contact your dentist to speak about these options. If you happen to live in the Bethesda, MD area then consider stopping by or giving Dr. Deborah Tabb and her team of professionals a call today. During your appointment, you can get an examination and consultation that will cover all the cosmetic options that are available to you. Isn’t it time you bring your bright smile back with a cosmetic treatment?

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