Are You Using The Right Dental Supplies?

Toothbrush and Paste

Going to the dental aisle at your local pharmacy can be more than a little overwhelming. The immense number of brands and variations on the same kind of product can make choosing the right product for you challenging. All you want are products that will keep your smile beautiful, healthy, and clean for years to come, why does it have to be so complicated? The good news is, it doesn’t have to be. We’ve put together a general guide on what to look for when buying dental products so you can cut through the noise and select the best option for you.

In General

Forget brand names and fancy designs; your first concern isn’t about the product itself, but who endorses it. If it doesn’t have a seal of approval on it from the American Dental Association (ADA), then pass it over. Without this seal, you can’t know whether it meets minimum guidelines for safety and effectiveness. 


Toothbrushes have a few specific elements that tell you whether or not they’ll fit your needs. It starts with the style of bristles, which come in various degrees of stiffness. In general, harder bristles are not better, and can actually harm your gums or teeth. Instead, look for soft or medium bristles, with soft being best for those with concerns with sensitivity. They come in different sizes and styles as well, with the perfect size being able to brush two teeth at a time. Toothbrushes are best replaced every three months to ensure they remain effective.


The first thing to check in your toothpaste options is whether they contain fluoride. Fluoride is an essential element in the protection of your teeth and keeping them healthy and strong. Beyond that, it is a matter of preference. Flavors, textures, and even the other ingredients on the label all fall second to their providing fluoride. You may opt for toothpaste that has whitening properties, or those for sensitive teeth if that is a concern you face.


The last of the base trifecta is mouthwash. The most important part of mouthwash is its ability to battle bacteria. Otherwise, it’s just a nice smelling rinse to follow your brushing with. Make sure that you have selected a mouthwash that indicates it can fight bacteria. If you have children under six who will be using it, ensure that it’s alcohol-free. Young children may accidentally swallow the liquid while rinsing their teeth, and the alcohol isn’t good for them.


Floss is a great addition to your dental routine, providing the ability to get debris, plaque, and tartar out from in between your teeth. Floss comes in multiple varieties, including waxed and unwaxed, flavored and unflavored. You can also find floss on single-use handles that make it easier to reach your back teeth and get into all the nooks and crannies while flossing.

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