A Quick Guide To The World Of Dentures

A Quick Guide To The World Of Dentures

When the word ‘denture’ is used it’s likely that many of us conjure up the exact same image, that of a pink and white device sitting in a glass of water by our grandparent’s bed or in the bathroom cabinet. While this image remains accurate to a point today, there are actually many different varieties of dentures! If you’re getting ready to get dentures and this is the image you had in mind, take a moment to read on and find out more about this prosthesis!

What are dentures exactly?

The simplest definition is a prosthetic replacement for people who are missing teeth. A prosthetic is simply an artificial replacement for a natural body part, so dentures are just artificial replacements for missing teeth! Whether you’ve lost all your teeth or just one there is a denture available to replace it and restore your smile and ability to eat and speak naturally.

What materials are used to create dentures?

Dentures have been made from a surprising variety of materials in the hundreds of years they’ve existed. In the earliest days, everything from seashell to real teeth from people and animals have been used, with wood and ivory being common options. In the past few decades, plastic and porcelain have been the materials of choice, with the most modern options being created out of a resilient resin that’s more durable than anything used before.

Will I need to care for my dentures?

Dentures, while durable, do require special care and upkeep to ensure they stay looking great and working well for years to come. Proper treatment of dentures includes scrubbing them once or twice a day, soaking them in a cleaning solution while they’re not in use (typically while you’re sleeping) and being careful not to drop them and cause chipping. With proper care, dentures can last you for years to come.

Are dentures really necessary or important?

Considering the possible options available for getting your caloric intake in a way that doesn’t require teeth, you may be wondering if dentures are merely a luxury. The truth of the matter is dentures do much more than just let you speak and eat more naturally, they also help support your jaw and gums, and help restore a natural appearance to your cheeks, lips, and gums. Your diet isn’t to be understated as an important reason to get dentures. While liquid supplements and soft foods can certainly take the place of normal food in a pinch, over the long term they just won’t keep you as healthy.

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